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Discharge Permit (Stream A) for Special Effects Materials - Checklist of required / optional forms


Form Number
Form 1
Form Title
Application Form for a Discharge Permit (Stream A)
[Application for production of special effects during shooting of films/ commercials/ television programmes or other similar productions normally not performed before a proximate audience]
Online Submit
Form 17
Acknowledgement of Using Special Effects Materials in an Entertainment Programme
[To be confirmed by signing or stamping the company chop by a representative of the owner/ agent/ management of the premises/ properties in which special effects materials may be used]
Form 16
Report of Pyrotechnic Special Effects Materials (PSEM) Used
[For reporting the actual quantities of SEM/ PSEM that have been issued from store(s)/ used/ destroyed/ returned to store(s) under a discharge permit/ the Authority's approval]


Form Number
Form 3
Form Title
Application Form for a Conveyance Permit for PSEM
[Application for conveyance of PSEM on land and/ or by sea] (if applicable)
Online Submit
Form 20
Report of Conveyance of PSEM
[For reporting the special effects operator supervising the conveyance under the conveyance permit, information on the vehicle/ vessel used for the conveyance and date of conveyance] (if applicable)
Form 22
Application for Approval/Registration of Pyrotechnic Special Effects Materials
[Application for approval of pyrotechnic materials that is/ are not approved by the Authority/ not registered and included in the PSEM register] (if applicable)
Form 12
Questionnaire on the Quality of Services provided by the Entertainment Special Effects Licensing Authority
[Customer opinion survey on the services covering processing applications for different types of licence, permit or approval/ registration of PSEM] (Optional)

Licence & Permit Fee

The Government has increased the licence/permit fees chargeable under Cap. 560B Entertainment Special Effects (Fees) Regulation for activities related to the production of special effects in film production and entertainment programmes by 11.1% to 14.4% (see Annex A). The fee increase is attributable to the increase in cost for processing the licence/permit applications.

The new licence/permit fees are set out in the Entertainment Special Effects (Fees) (Amendment) Regulation 2019, which was gazetted on 12 April 2019. These new fees have taken effect since 1 July 2019.